Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catalina Tile

This is a ceramic tile representation of Sea Lions lounging at Sugar Loaf Point on Catalina Island before the Casino Building was built. The Casino was built in 1929.

I was walking down the Casino Way yesterday, admiring the beautiful ceramic tile murals along the way.  I always think, "I should take pictures of these" and yesterday I finally did.  The tiles on the walkway (including the one pictured above)were created by artists Richard Keit & Mary Kennedy of RTK Studios in Ojai, CA in 1998 and were based on Catalina postcards from the 1930's.  They were hand glazed using the authentic "cuerdaseca" technique used by the historical Catalina Potteries.

Catalina has a history of tile and ceramic making due to the plentiful clay deposits on the island.  Catalina Island Tile and Pottery was in business from 1927 - 1937.  This is a picture from the archives:
There is still a ceramic studio on the island.  Artist, Robin Cassidy owns Silver Canyon Tile Company and her beautiful creations can be seen all over town and for sale in Avalon Shops.

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